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Automatic Music Improvisation and Style Imitation

This is an ongoing work! The first publication on this work has appeared as:

Anticipatory Model of Musical Style Imitation using Collaborative and Competitive Reinforcement Learning. Arshia Cont, Shlomo Dubnov and Gerard Assayag. In Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems, pages 285–306.Springer Verlag, , 2007. (URL) (PDF) (BIB)

Others are in preparation. Here are some support examples. All examples have been created using artificial learning from a score in MIDI format, with no supervision or human intervention:

Improvisation on Bach

  • This first example shows an improvisation on J.S. Bach’s Two-part Invention Nr.3 from Book II. The system was first run on the original MIDI file and was then allowed to improvise using the knowledge gained.

    • Hear the original here (requires QuickTime):

or Download:bach_inv3.mid file.

  • Hear the imitation here:

or Download:bachInv3v02_Improvised.mid file.

  • Here is the score for the improvised session:

  • Here is a visualization of original plus improvisation space for the audio you heard above. It shows that the system has reached places in the space not defined in the original data.

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